Day 36 – Made for a Mission by Eva Bernal

I don’t care about my own life.  The most important thing is that I complete my mission, the work that the Lord Jesus gave me—to tell people the good news about God’s grace.  Acts 20: 24

“Houston, we have a problem.” 

This was the infamous phrase coined after the Apollo 13 moon flight.  Originally it was a report of a life threatening fault.  Now it is used humorously to report any kind of problem.

I remember as a young girl in elementary school how intrigued I was with the first American astronaut to orbit the earth, John Glenn.  I have a copy of the full page newspaper report in my old scrapbook.  The paper is brittle and yellow now, showing its age.  (Yeah, I know what you’re thinking!)  But what I think I admired most about the event was the determination of this individual to stick to his goal and accomplish such a great feat.  There was much preparation made in order to orbit the earth in a space capsule, and great care went into making sure the mission was accomplished. 

So what’s the potential problem with understanding the mission we were made for?  Well, as Rick Warren explains it, we are actually responsible for a two-fold mission. 

The first mission is to the Body of Christ.  The second is to the lost world.

Why don’t we get this?  We are so comfortable “ministering” in our local church and yet neglecting the lost and dying outside the church walls.  And you know I don’t mean going out with an evangelistic team and standing on the street corner with a stack of flyers in our hands. I’m not saying corporate evangelism isn’t valid or necessary, it is.   But we need to win lost souls.  We need to.  Personally.   We need to lead people to Christ one soul at a time.  Not just in a neighborhood on the other side of town where they don’t know our life and our walk personally, but in our neighborhood where we live. How about winning souls at our job, our school, our market, or our favorite restaurant?  How about winning our earthly family, the ones who really know us? 

I think fear trips us up sometimes.  The fear of rejection, you know.  Or the lack of desire or compassion might be a problem.  Pastor Warren explains to us the Importance of the Mission and I really appreciate these two points:  Our Mission has Eternal Significance and Our Mission Gives our Life Meaning.  I don’t know, this is what does it for me, I guess.  Fears, rejection, lack of desire or compassion are such “of this world” emotions.  I’m stirred when the Holy Spirit reminds me I’m “not of this world” and I want to take others with me to the other world—to Heaven.

So at this time, I’m working on my next door neighbor. We’ve been chatting lately about this and that, but I have a plan.  When the time is ripe, I’m going to present the wonderful gospel to her.  In the meantime, I’m digging through my recipes to make her some butter ball cookies for Easter.  You know, there’s nothing like newborn babes in the Kingdom of God.  By the way, speaking of beautiful newborn babes………….

My grandson, Landon Bernal

Love you in Jesus,

Eva Bernal



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3 responses to “Day 36 – Made for a Mission by Eva Bernal

  1. Andrea diaz

    mmmm……. butter ball cookies!!!!!!! 🙂 well i love you you talked about. we need to reach the people that know us. but like you said fearing rejeation thats my fear and i pray to papa God to remove it from me. im also talking to my next door neighbor she 16. well love you mama sister Eva!!!!

  2. Barbara Sanchez

    Awe your Grandson is beautiful, thank you for sharing it was powerful as usual. Facing this world without Jesus is unimaginable. We serve an awesome, loving, caring God.

  3. angie cruz

    ah Sister Eva your Grand baby boy is adorable,
    so a cute, we just love him already. do enjoy to the fullest they do grow up so rapidly ha.

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