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Day 7- The Reason for Everything By Xannelou Mendeszoon

“Everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power,
and everything is for his glory.” Romans 11:36

“The Lord has made everything for his own purposes.” Proverbs 16:4

All people are looking for a reason for living.

Scientists, biologists, those who working in their own fields, other reason through philosophies. But most of the people when they are confronted with the loss of a loved one, this is when people either wake up or pull away.

My personal experience is with my brother (my favorite brother) after the death of my father, he became my guardian, and even my ‘best friend’. But then he suddenly died after a short mysterious sick bed.

And there I was… this was my time of confrontation. With the reason – the BIG WHY???
The WHY question? –

A time of confusion, confrontation, anger, bitterness, and also the end conclusion; there is no God, or is there… more between heaven and earth?

My search started… This search led me on a path, which ultimately brought me on the small path, the path that leads to the Everlasting One.

Did I get answers to all my questions? Specifically my WHY question? NO! But through the pain and the loss I found the Savior! My Savior, my Lord, my Guardian, my Best Friend!

I learned not to ask the WHY question anymore.

It gives a peace knowing that everything is in His hands. That there is a reason for everything even though I may not understand it or in my human nature don’t agree or think its fare! I found the reason for everything – every trial, every hardship, as it produces endurance. I know I have more family than I could ever wish for. You are my dear sisters in Christ!

I’m a grateful woman, the reason for everything I found in Him alone, Christ Jesus my Lord!
May God continue to bless & strengthen you during these 40 days of prayer and fasting.

By Xannelou Mendeszoon
Victory Outreach Rotterdam
The Netherlands, Europe

Point to ponder: WHY questions only have a purpose when there is a possibility to get an answer. With WHY you question God, instead of trusting Him.

Verse to remember: “I came naked from my mother’s womb, and I will be stripped of everything when I die. The Lord gave me everything I had and the Lord has taken it away. Praise the name of the Lord!” Job 1:21

Question to Consider: In which area’s have I questioned God and need to start trusting more?



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Day 7- The Reason for Everything by Marie Prado

Real Love, Real Life

I need You to be my everything, I need You to be my everything…
You’re the air that I breathe… You’re the song that I sing, Lord You are my everything…

That wasn’t always the case…

Many of us grew up thinking that the greatest achievement in life reflects on receiving material things and possessions. Even though I had these worldly desires I still couldn’t find my real purpose for life.

It was over 15 years ago when Jesus knocked on my door and ushered me over to the ministry of Victory Outreach. It was then when I first experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Its amazing how He loves us just the way we are.

Real love begins when we receive Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior.

Using the ministry of Victory Outreach, God allows us to discover our purpose and prepares us for eternal destiny. This includes being exposed to living a lifestyle contrary to the things we thought was right all our lives such as worshipping Him, loving other believers, becoming like Christ, serving others with our gifts, and telling others about Him.

Real life begins when we commit ourselves completely to Jesus Christ.

Today, through these 40days of fasting and prayer… its an honor to say that everything in our lives points towards Jesus.

United Women in Ministry and GANG Girls are Trail Blazing with Passion for the Mission!

I used to live my life for my own goals, but now I live for Gods glory!

By: Marie Prado
Victory Outreach Philadelphia

Point to Ponder:
It’s all for Him.

Verse to Remember: “For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by His power, and everything is for His glory.” Romans 11:36

Question to Consider: Where in my daily routine can I become more aware of God’s glory?

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Day 6 Life is a Temporary Assignment- By Mitzi Morales

“Life on earth is a temporary assignment” what a deep awakening thought to think about today. I was moved to tear’s as I thought of all the times I have heard someone say “there just wasn’t enough time”. I thought of lives cut short by the cruel lies of Satan.

But then I sensed a great joy as I thought of how we have the opportunity today to make a difference, whether it’s in your family your neighborhood or more importantly in a lost and dying world.

This call to separate ourselves to seek the presence of God is much more than finding the ideal recipe or perfect restaurant. That serves vegan of course. But it’s a time to deeply contemplate and ponder on the thought

How do I spend my time?
What is the most important thing in life for me?
What kinds of desires fill my dreams and goals?

I remember when I got saved in 1975. The prevailing message was “Jesus is coming back are you ready”!And this is still the message today! Only much closer than it was yesterday. So our life assignments must be completed. And with an open heart that hears Gods voice directing and leading us to be where he wants us and doing what he wants us to.

As a Pastor’s wife I have the great privilege of traveling to many of our sister churches throughout the world. Recently I was able to go to Cape Town South Africa twice in a two month time span. My life was changed as I saw the rapid pace of the Holy Spirit. Just like in the book of Acts except that we “Victory Outreach” are the participants. This is our assignment at this present time. But it must be completed in the timing of the Holy Spirit because there are many more. And timing is crucial!

In remembering my trip to Africa and reading today’s devotion I thought about what changed in my life because of that experience. One thing that happened to me was an increase in Gods desires and a decrease in my desires. John 9:4 states it so clear “As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work”. This is Jesus speaking to us and including us in the plans of his Father whose will he was doing.

One thing I do know that Gods gives each of us the required amount of time to finish our assignments here on earth before we go home to heaven. I’m not worried about that, what I am focused on is pressing in on my assignments so that I can complete every one of them before the night comes and we can no longer work.

In closing I know that today’s devotion was to keep our focus on our eternal home. But I believe that THE PEOPLE OF Victory Outreach have much work to do before we go home! So let’s get it done! Stay true to your commitment to fast, pray and seek the holy presence of God!

Stay true to your assignment, don’t get distracted, lets work hard and our reward will come.

Staying true to the Faith and to you,
Sister Mitzi and the San Jose Victory Outreach Church


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Day 6 – Life is a temporary Assignment By Amy Solano

This world is not my home, I’m just passing through.

My treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue. “Where could that possibly be?” No place other than the one called HEAVEN!!!!!!!

When I hear the phrase temporary assignment I think of a task where the end is near.

So taking that concept into consideration, one would think that if God addresses this life as a fleeting moment, ( Psalms 144:3), the end is near even in the beginning. I recently heard the phrase “Live God Conscious.” Since then, this phrase has ran through my mind on a regular basis.

I have always been the girl who journals and records thoughts, promises, and even messages that were profoundly impacting. Within these journals, which I consider my personal out line to different stages of my journey, “God for what have you created me for?” has been a constant theme that has streamed throughout every entry. As a 14 yr old girl I wondered if God could use me. As a graduate of the UTC I wondered how He would apply the tools given to me , and as a G.A.N.G Girl leader I wanted to inspire other girls the way I had been inspired and then the day arrived when the call Literally came, an assignment for me to go!

I experienced the most exciting 4 yrs of my life! And now, yet again I have come across a new chapter in my life that simply reminds me to “Live God Conscious” because I can be here today and very well be gone tomorrow.

I truly believe “The Purpose Driven Life” has been written perfectly with me in mind! I’m sure many of us feel this way. For those of us who have been given a clear purpose and have been walking in it, this serves as a simple thermometer to be sure we remain true to the Life that was intended for us with a fixed focused on the END (1 Corinthians 9:26)

On the other hand, for those of us whose purpose has freshly been revealed, this serves as an avenue towards the right direction. Last but certainly not least, for those of us who are beginning to realize WE have a purpose and have decided to pursue discovering that purpose, this devotion is without a doubt for us all.

So Ladies lets remember that this TEMPORARY life was intended for him & him alone. Let us not look at the world in want rather lets look at them with compassion and purpose.

This chapter simply stated : “When life gets tough, when you’re overwhelmed with doubt, or when you wonder if living for christ is worth effort, remember that you are not home yet. At death you wont leave home – you’ll go home” (pg 51)

Amy Solano


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Day 5 “Seeing Life from God’s View”- By Veronica Franco

em>“WOW!” wouldn’t that be awesome if we could all see from God’s view instead of our own?

I believe we can, but it’s a choice that we have to make each and every day that we wake up and seek God’s face and trust that no matter what we are going through God see’s the big picture and he knows what he’s doing.

Isaiah 55:8 say’s “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.”

Part of Chapter 5 of the “Purpose Driven Life” talks how we all look at our life different. Some view life as a roller coaster, a puzzle, a symphony, a journey, or a dance.

Before I was diagnosed with cancer over 5 years ago, I use to just wake up each morning and see life as a crazy journey “which it could be at times” but I would never thank God for the gift of Life. I would wake up appreciating my husband, my salvation, my children, my church, but I failed to thank him for the gift of life.

Now almost 5 years later that’s always at the top of my list is “Father, Thank You for giving me another day on this earth, another day to serve you another day to work for you another day to be with my husband and my beautiful children.”

Boy, do we learn from trials of life and tests that God allows in our life, never to harm us but to season us and to mold and change us. James 1:2-4

I want to encourage you my dear Sister, that what ever your facing today maybe financial challenges, challenges with your children, church, marriage or health always remember that God is in control and instead of viewing through your human eyes ask the Lord to help you see through His View because His view is so much clearer and better and stronger than ours can ever be.

God Bless ~Veronica Franco

Reading Chapter- Day 5 “Seeing Life from God’s View
Point to Ponder: Life is a test and a trust.
Verse to Remember: “Unless you are faithful in small matters, you won’t be faithful in large ones.” Luke 16:10a(NLT)
Question to Consider: What has happened to me recently that I now realize was a test from God? What are the greatest matters God has entrusted to me?


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Day 5- Seeing Life from God’s View by Anastasia Volz

The first time I ever laid eyes on this book, was when a staff from the Mexico UTC gave me a copy.

She said, “Here, I’ve been wanting to give you this book because I know God has a great purpose for your life!” If only she knew, that through that simple act, God would begin to do something so amazing in my life!

As I sit here thinking about our 40 Day fast and our Devotions from the Purpose Driven Life, I really have to thank God because I know, only in times like this, does His movement, His way of speaking is so unique.

I have been challenged from the start of Chapter 5, Seeing Life from God’s View, in so many ways. It brought me to a point where I needed to start asking some hard questions. I mean, a lot of times we don’t realize it, but it is our perspective, and not our objective that can sometimes handicap or limit our ministries. I began to ask myself, Stas, how do you see your life? How do you view who you are, and the role you play?

To fulfill God’s purpose, sometimes you have to change your point of view. It can be so easy to base everything you do, every step you make, every choice and decision on what’s in front of you. And sometimes, we even allow our view point of ministry, life, etc to change so subtly, we aren’t able to detect it, until God has to point it out.

It’s like walking around with your head down and your eyes glued to your feet. You’re not able to see which direction your headed. You could be on your way into walking in front of a busy intersection, bump into someone, or hit a dead end, and not even be aware of it. The clouds could be darkening above, but because you’re so fixated on what your feet are doing, you aren’t able to see that a storm is on its way.

The thing I loved about this chapter is that, it points out the fact that one way God challenges us to change our point of view, and begin to see things His way is to test us. To get us to really check ourselves and ask those hard questions.

Why do I see things like that? Who am I really doing this for?
Am I really being responsible with what God has given me?
Am I really transmitting the things my mentors and leaders have instilled within me?
Or am I keeping it for my own benefit?

I really believe that throughout this fast, God is and will continue to challenge us in the area of who we are, because “to whom much is given, much is required.” (Luke 12:48) I can already tell within my own personal life that God is gleaning away those issues that maybe I haven’t had the courage to acknowledge, and deal with them. Because if I want to be affective, and truly fulfill God’s purpose in my life, then I need to change how I see things.

by Anastasia Volz

Reading Chapter- Day 5 “Seeing Life from God’s View
Point to Ponder: Life is a test and a trust.
Verse to Remember: “Unless you are faithful in small matters, you won’t be faithful in large ones.” Luke 16:10a(NLT)
Question to Consider: What has happened to me recently that I now realize was a test from God? What are the greatest matters God has entrusted to me?


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Day 4- “Made to Last Forever” by Amanda Martinez

As I read through this chapter all I could think about was the handful of G.A.N.G. Girls that had spent the night the week before.

Half of these girls that had spent the night aren’t very interested in God yet. As we prayed together in the morning, I felt God impressing the salvation message heavy upon my heart. “They’ve all heard this message before,” I told God, but He was speaking it to me from their perspective.

Many of them have grown up in church and have the mentality that salvation means being involved in ministry and leadership. To many of them (our affectionately titled “Church Kids”), salvation is simply being overwhelmed with tasks and “dont’s”.

When they hear about being a Christian or serving God they think they already know what it’s all about. The Lord spoke these simple words to me, “There are some things in life that no one has control over. No one can control the fact that one day they will die. There is nothing they can do about this. No one can control the fact that Heaven and Hell are the only options. The only choice there is, is what you will do with this vapor of life that you will have for a mere second and which of the two options you will take.”

As we closed up our time of prayer I told them what God had been placing upon my heart. I asked them to try to imagine eternity, and right when their minds would slip off of the grasp of understanding, to realize that eternity is where they will spend the majority of their time. The salvation message had come alive in my heart in a fresh way.

I explained to them that salvation isn’t a list of rules they have to abide by, but it’s understanding that Jesus paid a price for them to have a chance at spending eternity with Him. “Every act of our lives strikes a chord that will vibrate in eternity.” Something in us knows there must be more than this life we see. God put that inside of us to desire him and eternity with him.

How blessed we are to have a savior that wants to love us, and created us for that special relationship. He created us to love us and to give us a choice to be with him forever.

Amanda Martinez

Purpose Driven Life
Reading- Day 4 “Made to Last Forever”

Point to Ponder- There is more to life than just here and now.
Verse to Remember- “This world is fading away, along with everything it craves. But if you do the will of God, you will live forever.” I John 2:17
Question to Consider- Since I was made to last forever, what is the one thing I should stop doing and the one thing I should start doing today?


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